Mercedes 190 SL 1955-1963

The Road & Track October 1955 Test Said "The outstanding achievement of the 190SL is without a doubt its quality in design and workmanship. But a close second is the general feeling of solidity which it immediately conveys..."


Also known as "Baby Merc" or the “Little Brother” to the 300 SL, 190 SL’s make a great and fun collector automobile, and are relatively affordable. The car came as a coupe (with a detachable hardtop) or a roadster with convertible top to which a hardtop could be fitted. These cars were guaranteed to sell to enthusiasts who couldn't stretch to a Gullwing and didn't need the electrifying performance of a Gullwing. Although the 190SL shared the same wheelbase as the 300SL, a number of it's major components came from the 180 Saloon. Several modifications were made between the unveiling of the prototype in New York at the New York Motor Show and the beginning of production in the Spring of 1955. The first uni body Mercedes Benz used a steel chassis with aluminum hood, trunk lid, doors and dash. Even with those aluminum pieces, it was a heavy car, weighing in at almost 2600 lbs!